Wild Moon Swings

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Milk Cows are ALWAYS Female

Hi! I know it's been awhile since I last posted, but it's also been awhile since I was about to explode in a ball of fiery indig nant wrath. So, I happened to see a preview for an animated film called 'Barnyard' (let's try to remember that I don't have T.V. and seldom go to the movies because North American movies suck and this is yet another reason why). So, I only saw the preview, but I was sitting there going, "Why does a male cow have an udder?" Even though I sound explosive here, I thought maybe it was just a female with a low voice. No, the character's name is Otis, Kevin James does his voice and it was the story's intention all along that this male cow should have an udder. I might be on crack, but isn't that just wrong?

Let's have a brief lesson in the raising of cows. A FEMALE cow cannot be milked until after she has given birth to a calf. A female cow that is used for milking is called a milk cow. Most male cows are castrated while they are still calves and become steers. Then you just feed them until they are ready to be butchered. A male cow that ... hasn't been castrated is a bull and ranchers don't raise many of these because they are really grouchy animals - even dangerous. Usually they just have one, or borrow someone else's when they need one.

I'm starting to get really cross about this subject, because this show - though annoying - is not the only program I've seen that purposefully makes this mistake. Not only that, but Nightfaux and I were on the phone the other night comparing all the times we've happened to be talking to someone and they've blundered because somehow they never learned how livestock was raised.

Now, I'm not a farm girl. I wasn't raised with animals, but I can't help but think that people should be aware of where things come from and how they are made - especially if you plan on eating them. Yep - it's gross, but I think knowing is better than the alternative. Personally, I don't think you should eat anything that you're not willing to help butcher. Which is why I don't eat fish. The fins got in my fingers once like slivers and I haven't been able to eat fish since - no sir. I'm not skinning a fish.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Meloncholy of Suzumiya Haruhi

I know someone else has probably already written a post about 'The Meloncholy of Suzumiya Haruhi' and that's great. I saw this 13 episode anime some time ago, but recently I was looking for the manga and saw that it wasn't based on a manga, but a series of light novels.


The anime series is based on the novels so closely that reading is almost a waste of time, but I say almost. A lot of things are described in more detail and there is a lot of material that isn't covered in the anime. I heard a rumour that they were thinking of coming out with a second season. If that's true, then they have plenty of material.

If you want to hear a synopsis of the plot, then you can do a google search - I'm feeling too sick to write anything unnecessary.

I just wanted to throw my little two cents into the air and say that I love Nagato. I think she is really hilarious. I've highlighted by favourite part with the pic. This is when they are making the movie and she's supposed to keep the cat Shamison on her shoulder but he keeps slipping off, so she has to keep adjusting him. It's so funny! Why is he behaving so well?


Friday, February 09, 2007

Things I NEVER do

Today I thought I'd write a post about things that I absolutely never do. They are frivilous stupid things that other people are free to do without complaint from me, but I never do them myself - ever.

Paint my Nails - I used to do this when I was younger. I'd wear my massive silver rings and wear silver sparkle nail polish with them, but I got disappointed with it. The polish never looked nice for longer than a day and a half and I can't stand for my manicure not to be 100% perfect, so I'd have to remove it. It just felt like there was no point. I also never ever paint my toe nails - EVER.

Wear Flip Flops - I remember being a very small child and owning a pair, but I only remember wearing them once. I honestly think that I was around three or four years old. As I got older I didn't like putting things between my toes, so I never wore them even though everybody and their dog owns ten pairs. Last summer my sister brought me a pair and I tried them because I thought I was being unliberated and inflexible. Yeah, I don't trip in ten centimeter heels, but I trip when I wear flip flops. Someone want to explain that to me?

Watch Reality T.V. - When I'm sick - like now - there is a huge temptation just to turn on the T.V. - watch whatever is on and space out. But I had our T.V. disconnected about a year and a half ago. No cable. No satalite. No peasant vision - nanimo. I actually don't have such a problem with scripted shows, but there was so much reality T.V. and there was me with the urge to space out. Now that I'm sick again and have been tormented by the urge to hook up the T.V. again and just get the basic three channels. But I can get through it if I think about some of the reality T.V. I got sucked into watching and I become mellow immediately - it's awesome.

Mall Crawl - People in my situation in life go to the mall to hang out a lot. When I go (because of business) and I see these people over and over again, just walking around and looking at stuff without any shopping bags with them - my eyebrows droop pathetically. I know why they do it, but my heart and brain still recoil. I hate window shopping.

Feel Bad about Taking the Bus - I have a car, but occasionally, I still need to take public transportation for various reasons. I love versatility and independant mobility so I never get on a bus and allow myself to feel bummed - even when it's cold on an unearthly level and there are children around me crying that high pitched death call that makes you think of the afterlife. Never!

Hope you enjoyed my rant!