Wild Moon Swings

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Ultimate Gift Basket

Honestly, I haven't had a lot of inspiration lately, so when I look at my past couple posts, they look pretty dry to me, but I've had a few people (who seldom or never comment) tell me that they miss my blog and want me to update. Welp - I'm still sick (for those that are keeping tabs on me) so for everyone's edification and delight, I am going to write what I would like in a gift basket in case they feel badly enough about my condition to want to coddle me! ... actually, this is a hypothetical gift basket and it would probably cost more than I would actually want anyone to spend on me ... so this is just for fun.

-Teriaki Beef Jerky - Mmmmm! No odors and the valuable protein I need.

-Barq's Cream Soda - I've drunk enough ginger ale to drown a whale ... I'm not even joking. I need a change.

-Ice Cream Bars - These can be creamcicles or popcicles even, just so long as there's no chocolate.

-Dill Pickle Potato Chips - No explanation needed.

-A Mini Watermelon - This isn't for me so much as it is for the watermelon girl I'm raising.

-Crackers - Just normal, extra cheap, salted crackers.

-An Apple Pie - Mmmmm! Mushy apples cooked with a pastry shell. Does it get any sweeter than that?

Okay, it appears that I'm not as greedy as I was imagining I was when I started writing this list, but I would also like to point out that I want to go out for spring rolls and fish sauce, but I'm not well enough to go into a sit-down restaurant yet. Nor am I pretty enough to be seen in public. I'm not especially vain, but if I went out looking the way I do now ... I look like a frump girl. I am wearing my glasses, have chapped ikky lips, my eyelids have an extra crease in them lately, none of my clothes fit me anymore. I can't fit into my pants (or my husband's pants) and even if I could, I hardly have the energy to walk from my front door to the car! The only thing that doesn't seem to be suffering is my tongue. I'm exhausted, but I can still talk the hind legs off a rhino. Why is that? Shouldn't I be quiet and sleepy?

Oh! And I want a lacky.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Clothes I Own

A while ago I wrote a post on the three nightgowns I own. Today I want to write a post about certain pieces of clothing that have been given to me by different sources.

When I was a kid/teenager, most of my clothes were hand-me-downs from either my older sister or the girl who lived down the street. That girl was actually in my grade, so it was sort of humiliating to have to wear her clothes to school. I mean, everyone had already seen her wearing them. But as I get older, I have a lot more of an appreciation for clothes that have a specific orgin. I'd like to go through some examples.

Political T-Shirts - Anyone who knows me in person knows that I used to work in a government related job. Not exactly for the government. As part of my job, I used to attend protests, committee meetings, and arrange for meetings with government officials. I have at least three T-shirts advocating change in current government policy. I LOVE them! I always remember to take them with me whenever I travel so that as many people can see them as possible. I love making people aware ... and being snooty about my beliefs.

Maternity Wear - Did you know that wearing maternity clothing you bought at the mall is a lot different than wearing clothing that one of your pregnant relatives or friends wore? I'm not kidding. When you're feeling like garbage because you're hot and pregnant, wearing something that was worn by a woman who survived pregnancy can sometimes give you the courage to get up and get moving. Especially when the only thing you really want is to sit in a cold bathtub and let the months until your due date slide by.

Clothes from Boys - You know, I don't have any clothing from guys I used to date when I was a teenager. I used to date a lot, but I was never close enough to any of those guys to steal their clothes. I did have a pair of socks that belonged to one of my boyfriends, but dang - he was the one I married. I have a couple sweat shirts from one of my brothers, and a shirt one of my boy cousins designed, and another undershirt that used to belong to another one of my boy cousins (he gave me a plaid shirt too, but I wore it out). Interestingly enough, I sleep in these rather than the three nightgowns that I mentioned in an earlier post. I also wear them when I'm sick. I wear my husband's clothes ALL the time when I don't feel well. I think wearing their clothes makes me feel like I have someone's sympathy. I'm not sure, but I don't think women are very sympathetic creatures. Women always let me fall apart for a specific length of time (not long) and then I have to smarten up, shut up, get up, and make sure the world revolves the way it's supposed to. This is why I never have a female doctor.

I'll have to leave it at this. I have lots of other clothes that are important to me, but right now I'm feeling unwell and must say farewell for now. Farewell.