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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finding some Inspiration

Normally, I like to have a picture of a character from an anime on my desktop to help inspire me while I write. My four favourites are Kenshin. Here's my favourite desktop for him.
I like Kenshin because he strikes me as dramatic as Romeo without the whiney lovesickness (there aren't near enough combat scenes in 'Romeo and Juliet', but that's just me). When I read Kenshin and he gets all his friends together to tell them why he's being attacked by Enshi and he says that he deserves to be attacked because he killed Enshi's sister - his wife - I nearly come unglued. Yeah, I get inspired by Kenshin.

Next, I love to use this wallpaper of Van from 'Escaflowne'. I like this picture because it's from the manga instead of from the anime and basically makes Van look like a badass, which I don't really think he is.
Now, I've been swapping these two desktops back and forth for around three years. When I have them up I have an orange winamp skin that matches Kenshin's picture and a different one of Van to match this wallpaper (it's the one of Van in the rain from the end credits, just in case anyone's wondering).

It's just that lately, I've been having a hard time finding inspirational backgrounds. I know that technically I'm still writing 'Escaflowne' fanfiction, but honestly - can anyone tell me that 'Vampire Kiss' is very Escaflowne-like? It's not. To me, it doesn't feel like there's one shred of 'Escaflowne' left. It feels like it's own story and when I put a picture of Van on my desktop I think, "'Vampire Kiss' has nothing to do with this character." And I get zero inspiration.

Kenshin isn't as bad, but heck - he's not doing anything for me either. Maybe I need to get a picture of a girl - but who? When I think of my favourite girl characters in anime I think of the women from 'Evangelion', but their stories are all so powerful that I'm scared I'll be affected instead of inspired if I use one of their photos (my favourite is Misato by the way). I don't really like the girls from Kenshin or 'Escaflowne'. I know I've pretty much made my writing name off of Hitomi from 'Escaflowne', but I don't really like her.

I'm going to go give it some more thought and come back and let y'all know. Who would be a good point of inspiration?


  • I'm not a writer, and this is a different source material, but I am always inspired by Edward Rochester. Have you seen the new movie?

    By Blogger reddmummy, at 2:28 p.m.  

  • If you're talking about the movie with Toby Stevens (don't know if I'm spelling that right) then yep.

    Though I love Edward Rochester I find that he's bad fuel. Jane Eyre has been around for like 150 years, so a lot of authors have gathered their inspiration around him. You can feel it. There are so many Jane Eyre rip offs - it is crazy. Entire authors have generated their whole reputation on presenting new spin offs the old story. There's a formula to it and I admit, once I recognize it - I bug out.

    However, there are some stories that people never get tired of. I think that has to be one of them.

    And I think you just gave me a great idea.

    By Blogger Sapphirefly, at 7:05 p.m.  

  • What's the idea? I'm curious.

    By Blogger reddmummy, at 8:40 p.m.  

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